Since the initial work I did for null+void (2015 version – below), the project has developed into a record label with less of a focus on the blog and news. Kirsti hasn't as much time on her hands to keep up with the blog since the label was launched, so she needed something which looked up-to-date, but with less of her input needed.
My solution was to focus on the record label releases and display the Twitter feed prominently on the homepage. Whenever her null+void show on KMAH radio is uploaded to SoundCloud, an IFTTT applet posts it to the news section automatically.
The rest of the blog, which includes a trove of interviews, reviews and audio, is still accessible, but via the archive. 
I transformed the null+void logo into a .svg in Illustrator and once again created a glitch effect for the website, however this time I used purely CSS3 transitions/animation.
The site is using a custom child theme for the premium Designer theme by ThemeBeans.
null+void Recordings website and blog
2015 Version and Animation
This is a simple Bootstrap Wordpress theme and branding refresh for null+void. 
Using Advanced Custom Fields I created bespoke features for various post formats, categories and the Label and Events sections.
When I took my mockup to Kirsti, who runs the site, she was excited by my idea to give the logo a vintage VHS effect - we thought it seemed appropriate considering the name of the blog. I didn't want it to be a permanent fixed feature of the website, so I created it in animation form using CSS transitions and the effect only appears when you land on the homepage. It's a design idea that Kirsti carried through into other parts of the null+void project, like the record label.
Website Homepage
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